The Facebook Posts – Mel’s Cancer Diaries

I walked into work this morning and noticed pink ribbons on the front doors of the college’s Administration building. The ribbons were printed on white copy paper and cut out, taped to the glass.


Continuing along the hall to my office I saw pink holiday ornaments with pink ribbons tied to office door handles. It was quieter than expected too. No one was settling into their morning with the usual chatter and that seemed especially strange because it was the office holiday party that day. I assumed there would be excitement before our break, yet it was so still.

My mind was cluttered. This was to be my last day at work for a good month. In a few short days I would undergo a bilateral mastectomy. I had to tie-up a few loose ends before I could leave my department unattended for such a lengthy time. I mentally checked off lists as I weaved my way back to my office.

Pink things everywhere. 

I opened my door.  My desk was stacked with gifts wrapped in pink paper and ribbons.

“What’s going on?” My question echoed through the corridors of the office. A reply came from the other side of the wall, “We love you, Mel!” Another reply in repeat fashion, “We love you, Mel!” Another and another repeating the saying over and over.

There they stood arm in arm in the hallway. Every single co-working wearing pink. Guys, girls, the president, vice-presidents, deans, EVERYONE. Pink sweatshirts, ties, blouses, skirts, dress-shirts. They smiled and wished me well.


I fell to my chair crying, my face in my hands. One by one they hugged me.



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