The Facebook Posts – Mel’s Cancer Diaries

So, my doctor gave me a bra. I went to see her so she could check my tissue expanders and drains. She announced that the bra was a gift. She even accentuated the word, gift as if it would be delivered in a Tiffany-blue box. Naturally, I was a little excited. A new bra is not cheap. I pictured the intimates section at Macy’s and imagined what she might hand to me. Once I saw the thin plastic sheath in which the bra was presented my fantasy of La Perla came crashing to the floor.

Lemme tell you about this bra. It was made of stretchy satin. It was tan, yet erred on the side of brown pantyhose. It had what seemed like a million hooks in the front. It met strict safety requirements as to avoid the drains that stick out of the skin under my arms. Lovely, yes?

She gave me this thing that had no bells or whistles. It made me look like a man wearing a bra for a Halloween costume. No. no. no. no. I do not want to wear it. Like, ever. I don’t even want to ever wear any kind of bra ever again.

Anyway, as a human with boobs, or rather, without at the moment. I have discovered a whole new world! A world of unbinding freedom. A world of well-fitted clothes. A world of relaxation. A world of taking in a WHOLE breath. I never had the luxury of knowing about delicate, little bralettes before because I was trapped. Trapped in an overstretched rubber band hell covered in a lacy facade. You see, I used to wear 36 DDD. (Ok, ok. I have gained a little weight over the years and I was really a 38 DDD.) The point is – I have always struggled with finding pretty, comfortable bras. Now that I’m smaller, I don’t have to wear them! I think I’ll tell her not to fill the expanders too much. I kind of like where I’m at!

To all of you girls out there who feel inadequate about your smaller silhouette, I envy you. I want to be you. Wait, I AM you now and I am so lucky to know you.


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