The Facebook Posts – Mel’s Cancer Diaries

I struggled with what people might think of me going public with my breast cancer experience. Yet, I keep writing because that is how I process and it is a significant part of my mental healing. What I’ve found through my public journal is that people are responding to it in ways I never expected.

In the world of social media we measure a persons fondness towards us through likes and comments. Frankly, the likes and comments on a post are not what matter most. It is when a friend calls me personally to tell me he reads my diaries. Or, when I run into someone at the grocery store who makes a point to compliment my openness and encourages me to keep revealing more.

I ran into a friend and complimented Mel’s Cancer Diaries. She went on to say that my honesty was the trigger she needed to makes steps to talk to her doctor about an issue that had been nagging at her. She made a point to tell me that my writings offered her the opportunity to discuss her issues with a close friend and make positive changes no matter how scary those changes could be.

Facing your fears alone is scary as hell. So, don’t do that! Face your fears WITH someone you trust. Go to doctor appointments together! Then, go to get your nails done and drink a martini for lunch! 🙂


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